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6 Quick Fixes for Small Business Owner Stress

Posted by Jackie Nagel, Synnovatia

Stress! It's the constant companion of most of us as small business owners. It's the mental and physical response to threats or demands — some of which are caused by external circumstances; others from our response to the threats (real or perceived.) No matter the cause, stress is energy-draining and, left on its own for too long, is debilitating.

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Five Rates to Guide Your Business Growth

Posted by Jackie Nagel, Synnovatia

As kids, we sang a well-known (to us) nursery rhyme that beautifully described Mary and her garden — specifically, her knack for growing with her green thumbs. It went like this:

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6 Vital Skills Small Business Owners Need to Master

Posted by Jackie Nagel, Synnovatia

Running a business is not for the faint of heart or the weary of spirit. In addition to the stamina required to run the race, there are skills that make growing your business a little bit easier.

Recently, HubSpot published a blog titled 9 Agonizing Business Skills You Need to Grit Your Teeth and Learn. It put my brain cells on full throttle to write about the real business skills to master to move your business to the next level.

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Lifelong Learning: An Essential Ingredient for Entrepreneurs Eyeing Business Growth

Posted by Jackie Nagel, Synnovatia

In my first career as a registered nurse (RN), taking additional courses following graduation was expected. Plus, it was important. Let’s face it—who wants an RN unfamiliar with the latest heart monitoring technology caring for a loved one during a health crisis. Not me! Ongoing learning was so important that it was rewarded with continuing education units (CEUs) often required for re-licensing.

Nurses, of course, aren’t the only professionals bound by the imperative of continuing their education. Attorneys, tax professionals, physicians, and engineers are only a few professions that require ongoing education to maintain their licensure.

And then there are entrepreneurs…

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The Only Key to Success That Entrepreneurs Need

Posted by Jackie Nagel, Synnovatia

When Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and declared, “This is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind,” it was transformative. It was success as defined by that particular mission. It was anything but “one” or “small.”

Like success in business, it was a mission composed of a million small steps and victories.

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