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6 Quick Fixes for Small Business Owner Stress

Posted by Jackie Nagel, Synnovatia

Stress! It's the constant companion of most of us as small business owners. It's the mental and physical response to threats or demands — some of which are caused by external circumstances; others from our response to the threats (real or perceived.) No matter the cause, stress is energy-draining and, left on its own for too long, is debilitating.

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The Best Kind of Business Strategy: Progress 

Posted by Jackie Nagel, Synnovatia

We're a quarter of the way into the new year and a word is emerging among my seemingly unconnected clients. It's progress. Whether it's slow, deliberate, micro — it doesn't matter. Progress in all shapes, sizes, and speeds is being celebrated as the powerful business strategy it is.

Gone is the mad dash to perfectionism. No more is the frantic pace of getting everything done now. The stress-inducing race to the finish line called perfection is being discarded — left behind — for a more realistic and thoughtful perspective on business growth.

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5 Ways For Entrepreneurs To Ditch Pointless Overwhelm 

Posted by Jackie Nagel, Synnovatia

Tell me it's not just me. It's not just me who experiences crushing levels of overwhelm on a daily basis. When the mind is racing with strategies to implement, tactics to deploy, and problems to solve, it leaves little time (and mental space) for relaxation, creativity, and innovation.

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Tags: Small Business Growth Work-Life Balance Happiness at Work Goal Achievement Time Management

8 Proven Ways to Get Past Resenting Your Small Business

Posted by Jackie Nagel, Synnovatia

What entrepreneur hasn’t launched their enterprise with enthusiasm and optimism for the future? Little did you suspect you would one day awake with a groan. After hitting the snooze alarm for the third time, you blubber “I don’t want to go to work today.” You sound like a snotty-nosed first-grader dreading school.

What makes this situation hairy? You own the small business you dread working at. Yikes!

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Tags: Happiness at Work Attitude

Can Telecommuting Work for Your Small Business?

Posted by Jackie Nagel, Synnovatia

Telecommuting, commonly called a work-from-home option for corporate employees, is not new to the SOHO (small office - home office) community. For many entrepreneurs, we've run successful enterprises from a home office long before Marion Behr coined the phrase "home office" in 1978. In fact, the number of small businesses operating from a home office continues to grow as technology expands and improves. 

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