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Solidify Your Business Network Immediately Using This Little Known Business Strategy

Posted by Jackie Nagel, Synnovatia

Back in the “day,” experts touted “Girard's Law of 250” as instrumental in creating and nurturing your business network. It was based on a non-scientific theory that the average number of attendees at a funeral or a wedding was 250. From this concept, it was assumed that the average size of an individual’s professional network was 250 people. And, from the magnitude of the network, a successful, growing business could be launched.

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“Innie” or “Outie”: Why Knowing Matters To Your Small Business

Posted by Jackie Nagel, Synnovatia

Running a business is not for the faint of heart. Besides being a masterful juggler, as a small business owner, you are likewise your sales and marketing department. Confirming if you’re an “innie” or an “outie” is fundamental to acquiring the clients you want to grow your business.

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How Blogging for Your Small Business Drives Traffic to Your Website

Posted by Jackie Nagel, Synnovatia

What entrepreneur doesn’t scratch their head in bewilderment trying to figure out how to drive more traffic to their website! When properly satisfied, we know the volume of website traffic influences lead generation and, if done right, the number of new clients. And, aren’t new clients what you’re ultimately after? 

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Use a Little “Pull” to Acquire New Clients for Your Small Business

Posted by Jackie Nagel, Synnovatia

When it comes to gaining clients for your small enterprise, there are two approaches from which to choose. You can “push” your message at your potential buyer with traditional marketing methods, or provide helpful information to assist with their buying decisions and “pull” them your way. Which approach is best for you? Well, that depends…

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Tags: Inbound Marketing Client Acquisition Lead Generation

Want More Clients for Your Small Business? Do What This Guy Did!

Posted by Jackie Nagel, Synnovatia

It’s always a treat to strategize with an entrepreneur to grow their small business, regardless of the number of years in operation. However, this client, after 5 years in business, garnered results dramatically different from anything they previously achieved. They closed 100% of their sales meetings resulting in four new clients from four sales meetings! How did they do it? They shifted into benefit speak!

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