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Did you know that only 2% of entrepreneurs consistently follow-up with potential clients? In this crazy economy, one would think it would be much higher, especially since studies show that 80% of all sales are made after the 5th attempt. 

There are likely many reasons that 98% of entrepreneurs are not following up regularly. If you happen to be an entrepreneur who is follow-up challenged, pick your poison. These are some of the reasons we’ve discovered for not following up:

  • not wanting to appear pushy
  • forgetting to follow-up
  • stress associated with the actual act of follow-up
  • not wanting to be rejected
  • no follow-up system in place
  • not knowing how to follow-up in a way that gets results

Anyone care to add other reasons to the list? Even from the partial list, it’s easy to see how follow-up can be challenging. No matter what the reasons, it boils down to one thing – it’s not fun!

Could injecting a little fun into your follow-up make it easier to do? We think so, as do other experts like Dr. David Abramis, a Management Professor at the University of California at Long Beach. Dr. Abramis has studied fun for years. He’s discovered that those who add a little fun to their work are more creative, more productive, and better decision-makers.

Fun creates bonds, relieves stress, prevents emotional and physical burnout, and releases endorphins, that feel-good, legal drug that boosts confidence and satisfaction.  In other words, injecting some fun in your follow-up makes it “more fun” to do.

What are some ways to add fun in your follow-up?

  • Surround your follow-up time with things that bring you joy – like your favorite latte or snack
  • Use a fun, upbeat screensaver to inspire and make you laugh
  • Learn how to juggle while on hold
  • Create the “follow-up game”by setting a timer to see how much you can get done before the timer goes off
  • Give yourself a standing ovation after each follow-up
  • Infuse each follow-up with your superpowers

You get the point. Adding a dash of fun to your follow-up certainly makes it easier to do. And, before you know it, your fun follow-up will become your business’ secret growth weapon!

What other ways can you think of to inject fun into your follow-up?

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