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business growth overwhelmAs an entrepreneur growing your business, you carry out multiple daily roles to grow your business. In reality, performing an average of 3- 6 different roles each day is the norm for entrepreneurs. Each role carries with it countless decisions that vie for your attention throughout the day. Some decisions are significant and critical; others are minor and inconsequential.  In fact, the average person makes approximately 5000 decisions every day.  No wonder indecision looms!

Faced with so many decisions, it’s easy to be overwhelmed.  Do you tackle this project or that project? Is it more efficient to respond to emails first or return phone calls? Do you use the blue or the green for your Facebook tabs?  Should you blog or send a newsletter or both? Do you take lunch before or after you finish your conference call? Does this sound familiar?  Not only do you decide what to eat for breakfast, you’re sorting and prioritizing a massive number of decisions throughout the day.

Most business owners believe missed opportunities or expensive delays are the cost of indecision. While these influence business growth, the real cost of indecision is the depletion of your willpower – that mental muscle that helps you succeed. Willpower provides the strength to resist temptation, avoid distractions, and more clearly sort through the decisions that serve you in the long term.

Turns out, we have a finite amount of willpower. Who knew! Although we may have believed only large and/or critical decisions require energy, recent studies reveal that all decisions are created equal. Every decision, large or small, requires energy. Apparently, decision-making is an equal opportunity for energy drainer.

Every time you make a decision or faced with resisting the temptation or exerting self-discipline, a little bit of energy is withdrawn from your willpower muscle. When this occurs often enough, your ability to make smart decisions begins to wane. Towards the end of the day, even the wisest entrepreneur begins to waffle! Indecision sets in at the most critical, inopportune moment.

How can you make sure you have enough fuel in your tank to last through each day? Here are five ways to protect your willpower:

  1. Pick a priority at the start of each day – and don’t look back.
  2. Stay focused.
  3. Avoid distractions.
  4. Take time for recess.
  5. Automate decisions wherever possible.

Willpower. It’s the most important ingredient for growing your business.

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