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Take a step back from the day-to-day grind of running your business to make sure it’s headed in the right direction.

Use the Core Business Assessment to expand and grow your business in a way that is smart and strategic

Mark Chapman

Founder & President
The I Do Society

I was overwhelmed by all the different areas to pay attention to in my business. While I was thrilled that we were growing, things were increasingly becoming one big messy pile. I knew there were different parts to my business (i.e. marketing, bookkeeping, team members, clients, production tasks, etc), but it was impossible for me to segment them out in my brain and give each area the attention it deserved. Working through the Core Business Assessment was magical (no exaggeration). It asked all the right questions and enabled me to focus – because, just like any other small business owner, I was too close to all the mess to see it clearly and objectively. I came away with clear path forward once I completed it and worked with Jackie to define my objectives, goals and corresponding tasks for each area of my business. The best part was how much stress it removed from my life – knowing there’s a plan and how to get there is priceless.

Get to the Core of Predictable Growth for Your Business

Use the Core Business Assessment to create a disciplined habit of strategic thinking, planning, and execution.