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achieve business growth by ridding self of tolerations

Thomas Leonard, an innovator in the coaching realm, introduced a concept that shook the foundations of productivity: tolerations. Imagine a whopping 80% of your energy potentially squandered on these pesky distractions. For an entrepreneur like yourself, that energy could be better invested in scaling your business’s growth.

Picture tolerations as grains of sand grinding away at the gears of your entrepreneurial engine. Tiny? Yes. But detrimental nonetheless. These vexations dull your zest, obscure your vision, and confuse your priorities. And you deserve better.

achieve business growth by ridding self of tolerations

Encountering Tolerations Everywhere: A Common Experience

Tolerations lurk everywhere. At home, a peeling paint job or a window chipped during a lively childhood game might catch your eye and nag at you. At work, cluttered desks and disorganized files might be your silent adversaries. Tolerations manifest as the clutter in your car or the unhealthy eating habits formed in the race against time.

In business, tolerations often arise in the form of missed timelines, unrelenting stress, subpar performance from others, and encountering demanding clients who may not align with the core values or offerings of our enterprise

Certainly, we are surrounded by tolerations, but what compels us to persist in tolerating them? The desire to transform ineffective energy utilization into something more powerful — business growth.

Energize Your Business Growth: Fuel Your Expansion  

Bidding adieu to the seemingly trivial yet persistent nuisances cultivates joy and propels business success to new heights. It’s a liberation that lets us focus our energy and resources on strategic initiatives, fueling growth and fostering a more resilient organization.

We create space for creativity, innovation, and enhanced productivity by liberating ourselves from the burdensome weight of minor frustrations.

  1. Heighten Awareness: Pay attention. Observe yourself. What gets under your skin? Raise your antennae. But don’t be too astonished by the magnitude of energy you’ve poured into these tolerations.
  2. List Them Out: Maintain a list over the coming days — every single pet peeve, whether large or small.
  3. Gauge the Costs: Weigh out the hard costs (like hiring a bookkeeper) against the soft costs (the energy you lose stressing over late invoices and reconciling your accounts.).
  4. Target and Eliminate: Choose the most draining toleration and axe it from your life. And don’t just cut. Dig out the roots to prevent them from sprouting again. Look for the source of the toleration!
  5. Rinse and Repeat: Tackle each toleration until your list is clear, your energy reclaimed, and your attention refocused.

Freeing yourself from these shackles not only brightens your mood but also turns you into a magnetic force of positivity. You’ll have boundless energy to inject into growing your enterprise.

Ultimately, isn’t this the very essence of entrepreneurial pursuit? With clarity on your journey towards exhilarating business expansion, the decisive step forward awaits.

Join our community of driven entrepreneurs today for inspiration, support, and guidance to skyrocket your success. Because together, we transform challenges into victories and tolerations into triumphs.

strategic thinking

When entrepreneurs think of “self-care,” we often think of indulging in a long walk, a vigorous run along some trails, a massage, an afternoon nap, a fictional read, or a long weekend. We would not add “carving out time for strategic thinking” to that list.

Strategic thinking, a cognitive process of clarifying your business objectives, goals, and plans, is often viewed as a task worthy of our undivided, focused attention. It’s time to concentrate intensely on planning and problem-solving using every brain cell available. Self-care? Hardly!

The Self-Care Myth

strategic thinking

Most of us conflate “self-care” with “work-life balance.”  We often place our attention and effort in the work-life balance bucket in search of a drumbeat of work and rest that keeps us sharp, focused, and innovative — only to stumble repeatedly.

And it’s not just me. The entrepreneurs with whom I strategize share the same angst.

Attempts to achieve self-care through a balanced life feel a bit like a mirage. There are continual roles to juggle, projects to implement, and deadlines to meet. That’s how business functions in today’s fast-paced competitive marketplace. Being overwhelmed by all the responsibilities of growing a business almost feels natural.

Unfortunately, self-care is usually the last item to be addressed — unless we’re “forced” to slow down, take a break, and take it easy.  But never fear! There is a way to make self-care more of a priority without losing your sanity.

It turns out that strategic thinking is the ideal form of self-care for overwhelmed entrepreneurs.

Who knew?

21st Century Self-Care is Powerful

Honestly, self-care has gotten a bit of a bad reputation.

Yet, a continual diet of stress and overwhelm that often accompanies business growth forces our bodies into overdrive. We produce high levels of cortisol. Adrenaline increases our heart rate, elevates our blood pressure, and uses more energy than normal because of the perceived or real threat. The result? Even greater levels of stress and overwhelm — only this time, our bodies are less equipped to fight back. Eventually, burnout sets in.

But you already knew that, right?

Rather than succumb to the unseemly impact of persistent pressure, why not reignite possibilities by taking time to think strategically about the future of your business?

Open Your Mind and Say, “Ahhh”

You may think you’re too distracted or stressed to take the time to think strategically — especially if you’re caught in the Messy Middle. Yet, the gains of doing so far outweigh the many perceived disadvantages.

Strategic thinkers, often characterized as having high levels of creativity, adaptability, problem-solving skills, and decision-making abilities — all important traits for any successful entrepreneur — require time to see things differently. It’s mandatory for success.

When the frantic speed begins to slow, our minds open to creative possibilities. We create space to listen to ourselves — an often-ignored quality. Strategic thinking pulls us out of the vortex of crisis thinking and encourages objectivity.

It emboldens us to look at problems from different angles and to come up with imaginative solutions not previously considered to address stubborn problems.

But it goes beyond finding solutions to problems; strategic thinking helps identify opportunities and create strategies that lead to growth. You make better decisions about where to invest your time and money to achieve the best possible outcome for your business. It empowers you to avoid costly mistakes, maximize profits, and stay ahead of your competitors in an ever-changing market.

Finally, as a strategic thinker, you are better equipped to ensure that everyone involved in a project understands the vision and objectives for each task or project. It fosters collaboration and allows your team to work together towards common goals more effectively.

In addition to gaining clarity, strategic thinking enhances well-being and quality of life. Energy levels increase since you’re not expending unnecessary vitality in catastrophizing. It improves your ability to do quality work and boosts your willingness to persist when business gets tough.

Think Smarter, Not Harder

The first step in utilizing strategic thinking as self-care is to figure out what “strategic thinking” means — and looks like — for you.

Strategic thinking involves understanding the bigger picture of your life and work and figuring out how to move forward with those goals. It focuses your energy on the most important tasks, or as one of my clients calls them, “high-impact, high-value tasks,” while minimizing distractions from less important ones. It allows you to prioritize your goals so you can focus on the ones that will influence your business growth the most.

More importantly, it recharges your soul.


We would love to help you think and grow more strategically. We’ll even share our “famous” planning process with you. Click here to schedule a time to explore the possibilities.

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