8 Assumptions Squashing Your Small Business Growth


It’s not the big things spoiling your small business growth; it’s the small, seemingly insignificant assumptions that are painfully stalling growth for many entrepreneurs. Although some assumptions play a valuable role in growing a business – like the ones you need when making financial projections – most assumptions are unwarranted.

Assumptions create illusions viewed as the truth. They direct our decisions and influence how and if a business grows. Are any of these assumptions thwarting your business growth?

  1. Client work always comes first.
  2. I always have to be available – just in case someone needs me.
  3. Everyone is my “target audience”.
  4. I can’t afford to hire the kind of quality employee I’d like.
  5. I can’t disconnect from email on weekends.
  6. I can’t find time for “strategic thinking”.
  7. If I ask for help, it’s a sign of weakness.
  8. If I charge what I want or request compensation for work beyond the original scope of work, I’ll lose the client.

Break Through Assumptions

Assumptions are difficult to identify. They come to the party masquerading as truth and reason. To unmask these culprits, consider these two tips:

1. Cultivate Awareness. Before assuming what assumptions you hold dear to your heart, develop insight into your default beliefs. When you sense a desire to “push back” against an idea or want to exclaim, “that’s baloney!” it’s likely an assumption worthy of questioning is knocking at your door.

2. Challenge Assumptions. When an assumption reare its ugly head, dispute the belief by asking “what if”. Asking “what if” uncovers the real reason behind the assumption. It helps you get at the truth and develop beliefs that are more accurate.

According to wikipedia, when we assume, “it makes an a** out of you and me”. Frankly, that’s the least of my worries! I’d rather be an a** than out of business.

What assumptions do you need to challenge?

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