Strategic Business Growth: Putting “Social” Back in Social Media


Understanding the vast extent of social media’s penetration into our daily existence is truly astounding. It seems not that long ago, we were fully engaged in face-to-face interactions, sharing thoughts and laughter in person. We took the time to write letters, carefully choosing our words, sealing them with a stamp, and sending them off with a sense of anticipation for a reply. We were also tethered to phones fixed to our walls, waiting for that ring that connected us to someone far away. (Yikes! I’m showing my age.)

The rapid transition to digital communication highlights not just technological advancement but also a shift in how we connect with others.

As we’ve traveled through time, the tactics employed in social media have evolved dramatically. Remember the trend of sharing your meal photos on Twitter? It was all the rage until suddenly, it wasn’t. Additionally, we discovered countless applications for social media, extending far beyond our initial imagination—reigniting old connections, sharing news of global events, and bridging the gap between consumers and the services they seek. Most of the applications have been and continue to be astonishingly beneficial; some have proven to produce dreadful outcomes. 

business growth through social media

The benefits social media has introduced are undeniable. However, it seems as though businesses began to lean a little too heavily into their success, transitioning from authentic, human interactions to a more automated engagement relying on minimal effort rather than a genuine attempt to build trust and a true relationship.

When considering today’s digital interactions, engaging with an automated system can feel significantly less personal, like chatting with a robot. And, the missing piece of personal interaction diminishes the effectiveness of communication, making it harder to form meaningful relationships.

Automation within social media certainly plays a critical role. It simplifies and streamlines tasks, particularly for small business owners lacking a social media team or a tech-savvy individual to manage their content consistently.

If You Build It, Will Business Growth Follow?

Sadly, this isn’t quite the reality. Many small business owners have learned this the hard way, starting a business page on Facebook or IG expecting an immediate influx of followers and customers. Merely promoting your services won’t suffice. “Social” media is meant to foster social interactions, making engagement crucial.

Engaging in meaningful conversations and directing your communication toward your audience is the key to driving website traffic, generating leads, securing clients, or boosting sales.

Social media serves as a tool to facilitate dialogue and interaction, aiming to build and nourish relationships rather than replace them. Hence, the essence of leveraging social media effectively is to engage with your audience.

Share content that sparks conversation, respond to comments, ask questions, and participate in discussions. Show genuine interest in your followers’ lives and interests. This approach builds a community around your brand or profile, leading to stronger, more meaningful connections.

View social media not merely as a channel for broadcasting but as a vibrant, interactive space where real conversations unfold. Engage authentically with others, and you’ll experience firsthand the transformative power of social media in fostering lasting relationships.

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Brooke Billingsley

Vice President
Perception Strategies

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