Why You Need to Stop Focusing on Overwhelm & Start Focusing on Business Growth


“I want to launch a business, spend my days in overwhelm, and struggle until burnout destroys my health and my family, ” said no small business entrepreneur to anyone ever! Yet, by the looks of it, one would think that was the intention.

As the speed of business increases, more small business owners turn their focus to fixing overwhelm and dealing with all there is “to do”. Although that’s a worthy objective, it does not alter the long-term landscape of a business.

You’re Focused on the Wrong Thing

Business owners, by nature, are problem-solvers yet most fail miserably at solving their own problems. Why? They’re too close to their own situation to clearly see what their business needs.

Not being able to see the “real” problem has them spending their treasures on fixing what won’t make much of a difference in the long run.

With attention placed on reducing information flow, controlling overwhelm, or trying to get more done by working smarter rather than harder, you’re merely applying solutions to the symptom of the problem.

A solution applied to the symptom of a problem is like putting a band-aide over a gaping wound. It may temporarily stop the “bleeding” but under pressure, it returns to its original state. Or, as my Mom would say, “It’s like trying to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse.”

Experience the loss of a key account, a sluggish economy, or an unexpected emergency and you’re right back to square one with your business growth hanging in the balance.

The Only Focus That Matters

A better use of your time and treasure is to focus on growing your business. Rather than apply solution to the symptoms you’re experiencing, go directly to the source.

The real reason you’re overwhelmed, burnt out, and stressed is because your business has yet to reach its critical mass for growth. Your business growth has either stalled or is too slow for energy to build. Like a plane moving down a runway, your business needs enough momentum for takeoff.

Set your goal for a minimum of 20-30% revenue and profit growth annually. Decide on the growth strategy that makes the most sense for your business. As you do, momentum builds quickly. Your client pipeline fills. Cash flow improves and your profits strengthen. And by focusing on what really matters — your business growth — the symptoms of overwhelm, stress, burnout, and struggle quickly melt away. No matter what is thrown your way, your business will continue to thrive — as will you!

What are you doing to focus on growing your business?

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Brooke Billingsley

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