Hire the Right Accountant With Strategic Coaching Questions


Nothing is more frustrating, especially for a small business owner or entrpreneur with limited time and money, to have a vendor that isn’t a good fit. Has that ever happend to you? It’s frustrating, isn’t it. Time, money, and a few brain cells, are lost as a result of the incompatibilities….not to mention all the energy lost from tolerating a poor fit (but that’s for another blog post).

One of our roles as a strategic coaching firm is to assist our clients in identifying vendors to support their growth efforts. One of the challenges to selecting the right vendor for your business is not knowing what questions to ask to identify whether or not the vendors services and style meet your needs.

Recently, one of our clients asked us for a  list of questions we use when selecting an accountant. Here’s a recap you may find helpful.

  • Tell me about yourself and your practice.
  • How long have you been in practice?
  • What is your approach or philosophy in working with your clients?
  • What additional support or services do you provide?
  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What would you say are your strengths?
  • Who else might I be working with in your firm?
  • What’s your policy for responding to requests by email or phone?
  • What is your approach to deadlines?
  • What is your rate(s)?
  • What are your billing practices?
  • How do you communicate tax law changes to your clients?

Obviously, the other side of the equation is understanding your needs and style to make sure you’re a good fit for the accounting firm.

What other questions would be good to add? We’d especially love to hear from all the accountants in the audience.

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Brooke Billingsley

Vice President
Perception Strategies

Synnovatia is a strategic coaching firm that is detailed and knowledgeable about business. i have a small business that grew from $150K to $750K because of the goal setting and resources that Synnovatia provided. It saves me years of learning on my own.

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