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Strategic Coach Sees the “Invisible Gorilla” in Your Business

Posted by Jackie Nagel, Synnovatia

A strategic coach can see the “invisible gorilla” in your business. Yes, you read that right: A strategic coach can see the “invisible gorilla” in the midst of your business. Unless you’re at the zoo, this may be a confusing statement. Do we have your attention?

In fact, as an entrepreneur, your business depends on attention. And it’s the mission of a strategic coach to make sure your attention is focused on the right strategies to grow your business and achieve better results.

But what about the gorilla? In their 2010 book, The Invisible Gorilla: And Other Ways Our Intuitions Deceive Us, professors Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons explore, among other things, how our minds work and how we miss seeing things that are right in front of us.

Their groundbreaking experiment, known as “The Monkey Business Illusion,” reveals much about our focus, our attention, our perceptions—just a few of the key elements that can either boost a business to success or send it spiraling downwards.

Watch “The Monkey Business Illusion” video and experience for yourself how critical pieces of information can be, shall we say, “invisible”.

What does this have to do with a strategic coach, you ask? Everything! As Daniel Simons points out in “The Monkey Business Illusion” video, “When you’re looking for a gorilla, you often miss other unexpected events.” So it is with business. When we are so intensely focused on a particular aspect of the business, such as juggling cash flow or solving production problems, we can miss the most important things that are right in front of us.

When they speak of “inattentional blindness,” Chabris and Simons might as well be speaking about what you experience as an entrepreneur. “Inattentional blindness” refers to devoting one’s attention to a particular activity (be it counting basketball passes or putting out fires) and unintentionally missing other critical information (such as a gorilla or innovative ways to increase cash flow, generate more leads, and leverage marketing efforts specific to your business and target audience).

A strategic coach sees it all. Unlike a business owner who is constantly pulled in different directions, a strategic coach has an objective approach. The strategic coach can see the “gorilla” and provide invaluable insight to help business owners grow their business.

Whether your attention is focused on a single aspect of your business or diverted to a multitude of activities, the objectivity of a strategic coach enables them to identify the opportunities and obstacles you are missing. Working with a strategic coach can actually train your mind to think differently about yourself and your business so you can see the “gorilla” for yourself—to recognize the many opportunities and strategies to grow your business.

Look around. Equipped with this new bit of information, are you seeing any “invisible gorillas” in the midst of your business?

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