The Value of Community for Emerging and Growing Entrepreneurs


There’s something a foot in the entrepreneurial space … And some small business owners are spilling the beans on how they really feel about their business.

There’s something afoot in the entrepreneurial space, and some small business owners are spilling the beans on how they really feel about their business.

What started out as fun has turned into a nightmare. They are overwhelmed, burnt out, and exhausted. Endless hours with stress as a constant companion affords little time for home-cooked sit-down meals with family, exercise, or thinking in any strategic capacity about the direction of their business.

They silently wonder how much longer they can work at this fevered pace. They’re beginning to feel trapped and can’t quit because of all they’ve invested. They no longer own their business – their business owns them – and they want a “Get out of Jail Free” card.

The complexity of business is accelerating – along with the escalation of isolation. Even Google is turning a cold shoulder. Like a Magic 8 ball, it gave us the answers to all our questions. Now? Vast amounts of time are lost digging through pages of information. Instead of clarity, they deliver chaos. What gives?

The Disappearing Communities for Entrepreneurs

When my Dad opened his farm repair shop in a small, dusty town in North Dakota, he would visit his community banker at the local greasy spoon. Along with other owners of mom-and-pop establishments, they gathered over a cup of burnt coffee to discuss their situations and find answers to their most perplexing questions about growing their businesses.

When social media platforms emerged, communities sprung up in the form of groups. They became the go-to place to seek answers to our questions. That was until groups, overrun with promotional content, quickly became where conversations began to die.

How are we expected to grow a business in a vacuum? The truth is, we can’t!

The Dyson Effect

Minus MBAs and entrepreneurial degrees, we’re all just making this up as we go along. Granted, we have the likes of Bill Gates, Neil Patel, Arianna Huffington, Tim Ferris, and that guy over at Virgin.

We devour their words of wisdom, combing them like precious pearls to find the perfect treasure for our situation. We imitate their success—with little luck.

Why? We’re not them.

We don’t have gargantuan teams to execute our strategic initiative, deep-pocketed venture capitalists to experiment unencumbered by cash flow, or access to the best and brightest talent in search of big paydays and plush benefits. Lucky us!

What we lack resources, we make up for in passion, drive, and determination. We are a relentless group of renegades, rebels, and misfits who desire to carve out a lifestyle for ourselves and our families while delivering innovative services with a personal touch and attention to detail not found at the big behemoths.

The Cure for the Sucking Sound of Isolation & Business Stagnation

We need a hook-up, not in the dating sense, but rather in the form of valuable connections. We need to hook up with guidance, wisdom, and counsel custom-made for the size of our business.

We need community.

We need a place to build relationships with like-minded business owners who share interests and a common set of circumstances. We need a place where questions are answered, conversations are sparked, and relevant connections occur without the distraction and interruption presented by most social media platforms. We need a place to work smarter and grow faster.

We have a lot to do, and doing it together—learning from each other, sharing stories, and getting answers to questions even Google can’t provide—creates greater value for everyone invested in the community.

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Brooke Billingsley

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